Member Brag Pages

Here you’ll find noteworthy accomplishments by members and their pets.

Contact Linda or Alicia to submit information and/or pictures for the brag page.

Data belongs to Alicia Woodson and Lori Saxe. He was one of 6 top finalists in Old Navy’s “spokesdog” competition. The 6 finalists were chosen out of more than 100,000 entries from all over the United States. Supporters were allowed to vote for their favorite dog on the internet during a 2-week period in July. Although some other dog (not nearly as cute or talented as Data!) was chosen, Data was proud to be selected and thanks everyone who voted for him.

Emma is an American Staffordshire Terrier owned by Alicia Woodson. The cart she’s trying to pull weighs 225 pounds.

Pull, Emma … PULL…

Here’s another shot of Emma, who is not only Miss March in the 2010 American Staffordshire Terriers Calendar, but also the cover girl!


Kirby is a West Highland White Terrier, owned and shown by Helen Roth (a newcomer to the sport). 

Here he is showing off his wins from the 2007 Tri Cities DTC obedience/rally trials. And he’s ready to win some more!

Shasta, owned by Joann McCallum, 
winning 2nd place in Agility Open A Preferred.

Tuvok and Borg are Belgian Tervurens owned by Linda Lemmer.

Tuvok earned his Am/Can UD’s and many top awards in 2005. We are looking forward to tracking and rally.

Here is “The Agawa Jack Pack and their two big sisters” owned by Dr. Ginger Leis, DVM

Bootsie, a miniature schnauzer owned by Joann McCallum, 
winning 1st place in Agility Open A Preferred.

This is Indy, (mix breed) owned by Janice O’Dell…

“sometimes we just need to put up the feet and relax….”